Free Eye Test

We all get concerned when we think something is not right and when you think you need an eye test then you need to do something about sooner rather than later. If you need a eye test near you then don’t worry as we have partnered with a number of eye care specialists near you who can provide a comprehensive test if you do not qualify for the online eye test from Visibly. If you would prefer an eye test online then click on ‘start the test’ at the top of the page. The eye test provides a report once completed which you can use to purchase glasses or contact lenses anywhere from anyone without an obligation to buy from where you have the physical eye test. The online eye test will show your standard vision so you can use the prescription which is issued by a local optician on purchasing eye wear from your current provider or from anyone one of the many retailers online. Remember the Visibly eye test is not a replacement for a face to face consultation with your local optician and we recommend you visit your local eye health provider every two years or whenever you have an issue.

We recommend you take eye test when you need it in conjunction with visiting your eye care specialist every two years.

You may have been born with a requirement to wear glasses or you may have got to an age where things are just that little bit harder to see especially if you use a screen for work. You may also just be curious about your vision or just need to renwwe your prescription for your contact lenses and haven’t had time to make an appointment with your optician.

Visibly has patented the eye test application around the World so you can use the service when you need it which is then reviewed by a local optician who will issue your prescription.

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The eye test online takes roughly 10 minutes to complete which offers a detailed report and prescription which is reviewed by a local optician.
Our standard eye test is only R495 as we are passionate about ensuring you get a test when you need it.
Simply take the test online and see if you qualify. You complete the test and a local optician reviews your results and will issue a prescription.

What are you waiting for ? You can simply try our online eye check as soon as you register which will show you how Visibly works.

Once you are registered you will be one of the first to contacted when the full online eye test goes live.  This test will be reviewed by a local optician and costs R495.

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  • Only Takes 10 Minutes To Complete.
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Do you have 10 minutes free now ? If so take the eye test and see have convenient it is to check your vision.