We love working with people who are as passionate about better eye health and we want you for Visibly.

You will need to be an HSPCA registered eye care professional and you could also be a Level 2 Practitioner who wants to earn more without having to travel as you can validate prescriptions online in the comfort of your own home or practice. You also may want to get involved in our global eye test solution which offers charitable applications as well as eye tests for our online customers who need a prescription quickly.

We also offer support for practice owners to be able to maintain their patient services at distance given the emergence of tele-medicine which is more applicable in South Africa given the Covid-19 impact now and in the future. If you are a practice requiring support please contact us with the partner form below and we will contact you within 3 business days.

Visibly is not a replacement for a comprehensive eye health examination. We recommend patients go to the eye doctor for a comprehensive eye exam every two years. Our registered eye care professionals use Visibly’s online technology to evaluate a patient’s visual acuity and a portion of the ocular health profile and issue a prescription for corrective eyewear, where clinically appropriate. If you need help finding an eye care professional near you, please contact us at


Fancy being part of the team ? We work with local partners who can review all online eye tests taking in your region and when you validate them we pay you for every test that you validate.

You can review eye tests in your own time by accessing our system which is a straight forward process and allows our online eye test customers to have their test approved so they can purchase from anywhere online or offline. We empower our customers to control their eye care but if we find an issue with the test we then refer to a physical optical expert for further checks as our online eye test is not a replacement for the face to face appointment.

Still interested ?    Simply click on the Sign Up tab and enter your details and we will be in touch. You can be involved for as often as you like and we pay you regularly, offer full training of our system and have some great activity planned which we want you to be a part of.

Franky Docherty
Port Elizabeth
Jennifer Sutton
Cape Town
Ant Payne
Western Cape
James Ashbury
5 out of 5
"Good to do a test online without having to make an appointment especially as I work and travel extensively. The eye test was easy to do and I was able to do the test at work and my sight is the same as it was 2 years ago!"
4 out of 5
I needed more contact lenses before going on holiday and found the test really straight forward. I received my prescription via email and was able to order my lenses from an online retailer.
5 out of 5
"I thought this was a gimmick but its actually pretty impressive and not something i would normally do but to test my eyes so I can order my glasses online was a great time saver"  
5 out of 5
When I turned 40 last year I started to notice I was struggling seeing things closeup so I knew I needed to atleast get my eyes tested. I am always pressed for time all the time so an online eye test worked well for me.  Well priced as well which was good. Thanks !