Eye Test Near Me


We all get concerned when we think something is not right and when you think you have a vision problem you need to do something about sooner rather than later. If you need an eye test near you then don’t worry as we have that covered with a full online eye test which you can take anytime and anywhere for that matter. Our eye test uses patented technology and covers you up to 55 years of age.

We recommend you take an online eye test to determine if you are suffering from loss of vision, then receive your prescription to be able to purchase glasses or lenses anywhere.

Need an eye test and your prescription has expired ?  Don’t worry Visibly is here. We have an eye test you take take at home or work or pretty much anywhere you can get a wifi connection. We determine if you qualify to take the eye test as you need to visit a eye care professional if you have any issues with your vision. Our test does not replace the need to visit an optician every few years.

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The online eye test takes roughly 10 minutes to complete which offers a full prescription reviewed by a local optician.That simple.
Our online eye test is costs only R495 as we are passionate about ensuring your eye test is made better for everyone and you can still visit your local optician if our test determines we cannot assist you or you can take our quick eye check online now.
Simply take the test online and see if you need a new prescription. If you are experiencing issues with your vision then you must see an eye care professional.

What are you waiting for ? You simply make sure your phone and computer are connected on the same wifi network as you will need to use both for the test. Click on the ‘start the test’ button and you will be prompted onscreen to get through each of the steps which is not rocket science and a very easy test test which you can complete in as little as 10 minutes.

  • A Simple Online Eye Test.
  • Only Takes 10 Minutes To Complete.
  • A Test Checked By A Local Optician
  • Book An Appointment Locally If You Need It.
  • The Latest Discounts On Frames & Lenses.
  • Dedicated Support For You.
  • Free Eye Check
  • Over 300 Local Opticians Available To Assist You.

Do you have 10 minutes free now ? If so take the eye test and a local opticians will review your test results and issue you with a prescription so you can buy your glasses or contact lenses anywhere you like. Simple.