Eye Test At Home

Difficulty in getting out of the house ? no problem we can provide a detailed eye test at home easily as the online eye test is just for you.  Take the test online or if you need a visit by a dedicated optical professional we can arrange that for you. Our optical specialists near you who can provide a fully comprehensive test if you are under the age of 18 or over the age of 55. If you are within this age range we can provide an eye test online for only R495.

Try our online eye test then if required we can arrange a home visit from a dedicated optical professional at a time that suits you. We are dedicated to eye tests for you to be in complete control.

Did you realise it takes up to five years to acknowledge you have a sight problem ? We believe thats is far too long which is why we developed an eye test online to cut the anxiety of thinking you have a problem to actually put you in complete control of your eye test and prescription to be able to purchase wherever you like. Once you complete the eye test online our local team of opticians review your results and issue a prescription normally within an hour of the test being completed. You can use your prescription to buy online or at your local opticians without any commitment to buy at one location.

The online eye test takes roughly 10 minutes to complete which offers a detailed prescription that has been reviewed by a registered optician. That simple.
Our standard eye test is only R495 or if you are a contact lens wearer you can do that also.
Simply take the test online and wait for your prescription to arrive.

What are you waiting for ? Take the test at home or anywhere for that matter and thats it, Simple!

  • A Simple Online Eye Test.
  • Only Takes 10 Minutes To Complete.
  • A Full Prescription Offered Once Completed.
  • Book An Appointment Locally If You Need It.
  • The Latest Discounts On Frames.
  • Dedicated Phone Support For You.
  • Exclusive Glasses Discounts.
  • Over 350 Opticians Available To Assist You.

Do you have 10 minutes free now ? If so take the online eye test and save both time and money.