Like everything these days we are all pressed for time and arranging an eye test normally takes in the region of 2 hours out of your day. We give you that time back by providing an eye test for seniors online which takes as little as 10 minutes to complete and then providing you with a prescription that has been reviewed by our team of local opticians. As a senior you may be experiencing vision concerns which is why we limit the eye test we offer to users up to 55 years of age.

If you are over the age of 55 then we recommend you visit your local optician to have a comprehensive eye check carried out to ensure your eye health is as good as it can be.  We constantly review and enhance our technology which means that we will be reviewing the age limit we have on the current online eye test for seniors so keep checking in with us to see if we have increased the age limit.

Our online eye test takes roughly 10 minutes to complete and costs as little as R495 both a standard test and a contact lens test.