Like everything these days you have a few choices and its no different with a hearing test for children who can be a challenge when you then need to take them to a doctors or for something complex like an eye test. We are constantly reviewing our technology to be able to offer eye tests for children but at this point can only offer an eye test if you are 16 years of age and above.

Your local opticians are well trained to be able to handle eye tests for children and you normally have a rapport with your local optician if you children have been diagnosed with a sight issue from as little as 5 years of age.

If you’re children ( or young adults as they like to be referred) are 16 years of age then we can offer an eye test online which is simple and can be done anytime and almost anywhere they like.

By all means register at the bottom of the page to be kept up to date with our new features especially an eye test for children as we expect to be able to offer them in the near future.

Franky Docherty
Port Elizabeth
Jennifer Sutton
Cape Town
Ant Payne
Western Cape
James Ashbury
5 out of 5
"Good to do a test online without having to make an appointment especially as I work and travel extensively. The eye test was easy to do and I was able to do the test at work and my sight is the same as it was 2 years ago!"
4 out of 5
I needed more contact lenses before going on holiday and found the test really straight forward. I received my prescription via email and was able to order my lenses from an online retailer.
5 out of 5
"I thought this was a gimmick but its actually pretty impressive and not something i would normally do but to test my eyes so I can order my glasses online was a great time saver"  
5 out of 5
When I turned 40 last year I started to notice I was struggling seeing things closeup so I knew I needed to atleast get my eyes tested. I am always pressed for time all the time so an online eye test worked well for me.  Well priced as well which was good. Thanks !